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Windhorse Community Services began here, in Boulder, Colorado.  As a pioneer and leader in mindfulness-based approaches to mental health recovery, we’ve been creating compassionate, individually tailored, home-based healing environments since 1981. We adjust our team structures over time as needed, and we can work with clients six months or longer, providing ongoing support as they continue to heal and grow. Our organization continues to evolve as a highly capable and flexible service for people who need specialized help with mental health challenges.


I am so grateful for our family working with Windhorse in a very difficult situation. Windhorse is very professional, heart-centered, competent, and flexible when the need arises.

An Alternative to Inpatient and Residential Treatment

The Windhorse model begins by creating a unique therapeutic team which supports the client to live in their own home. The intent is to help the client synchronize body and mind and to establish healthy rhythms of daily living. Genuine relationships develop with a team of caring people, which help to uncover the client’s unique talents and passions.

The journey each of our clients embarks on is as unique as they are. Ultimately, recovery is about living a life that expresses the unique nature and goodness of a person.

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