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About Us

Windhorse Community Services began here, in Boulder, Colorado.  As a pioneer and leader in mindfulness-based approaches to mental health recovery, we’ve been creating compassionate, individually tailored, home based healing environments since 1981.

With some of the founders still present, as well as having a richly experienced and award-winning clinical staff, we offer unmatched depth for engaging complex mental health challenges. 


Prospective Clients
 One Size Does Not Fit All

We see our clients as unique individuals, fundamentally healthy and sane. We don’t reduce people to just being a bundle of problems that need to be fixed.


Experiencing a loved one’s struggle with mental health challenges is unspeakably difficult.

Our Admissions Team can help you find the right resources, whether you work with us or not.


Why Windhorse Community Services?

Our approach is individually tailored; excellent at forming and maintaining therapeutic alliances to create optimal conditions for a genuine path of recovery.

I am so grateful for our family working with Windhorse in a very difficult situation. Windhorse is very professional, heart-centered, competent, and flexible when the need arises.

– Michael L.

Our Therapeutic Approach

Mental health disturbances are a natural part of the human experience.

By creating individually tailored, therapeutic environments within ordinary life settings, people’s innate urges toward health and happiness are invited forward.

We continue to evolve as a highly capable and flexible service for people who need specialized help with mental health challenges.

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