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Dear Friends,

Now six months since our launch, one of the great surprises of being part of the Windhorse Journal team is listening to an earlier recording and realizing that something of real value was captured. Today’s podcast is the second part of a rich dialogue between Dr. Ken Pargament, Windhorse Community Services Senior Clinician Marta Aarli, Rabbi Deborah Bronstein, and Reverend Alan Johnson. This recording was made on May 16th, 2018, just prior to the Interfaith Network On Mental Illness’ conference titled, Sacred Matters: Spirituality as a Vital Resource for Resilience, Health, and Well-BeingDr. Pargament was the featured presenter at that conference, which focused on his groundbreaking work around the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy.Now listening to this some months later, I’m very pleased at what an important interchange we were able to record. The complementary voices of clergy, psychotherapists, and persons with lived experience are well embodied here. Combining insight and extensive personal knowledge, the group explores issues that include wholeness from both spiritual and psychological perspectives, the role of relationship in the recovery of one’s health, and the transformative effect of embracing our “wounds.” Also examined are the deeply individual, yet universal, experiences of the “sacred.” While perhaps unrecognized and under-utilized, the “sacred” gives energy and meaning to our lives, and importantly, can be used as powerful resources in one’s path to wholeness and happiness.  


We appreciate you joining us and hope you’ll find this as inspiring and useful as we do.  

Happy Listening, 

Chuck Knapp 


Chuck Knapp, Ken Pargament, Deborah Bronstein,Marta Aarli and Alan Johnson.