In this podcast, Jamie Emery and I explore our connection to Windhorse Community Services, a community we have been members of for over three decades. Windhorse is an intentional community and clinical service that works with people who experience the complexity of extreme states. It is a place that stretches, grows and cultivates health. It is a place to overcome loneliness and isolation—where people come to feel valued as they are.

The Windhorse community is a diverse array of families, clients and staff who have joined in partnership to explore the workings of community and how it can promote health. What draws us together and binds us is deeply personal and yet universal… At Windhorse, we trust and know that we are intrinsically healthy and sane, that we are inseparable from our environment, and that recovery is possible and mutual for all.

Over the years, much like a tree growing toward maturity, there are rings that reflect seasons of both abundance and drought. We have learned much as we cycled through these together. In this season we find ourselves in a time of transformative tension: a precursor to growth. We are harnessing the intelligence of community—by promoting and listening to all voices with their unique perspective and offerings. We are deeply reflecting on elements of our work: where there is cohesion, up-uplifted and wholesome engagement as well as areas of diminishment and lost vitality. We are putting into practice what we know to be true: when an environment is synchronized, mutual recovery is possible, and with the belief in basic goodness our community can thrive and most importantly be sustained. In this season of growth, we seek balance between the evolving architecture essential for a functioning business and the fluid space within—crucial for our hearts and minds to flourish. Confidence arises, and our community is best served when this balance is struck.

We hope that you, the listener, will take in what Jamie and I share and make a personal reflection on what communities you are involved in—a closer look, perhaps, from a new perspective based on listening to the podcast.

With appreciation,

Eugenie Morton



Eugenie Morton, MA, LPC, Eugenie received her undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  She earned her MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University in 1987.  Eugenie has worked extensively in the filed of recovery since the 1980’s.  She joined Windhorse Community Services in 1988 and currently serves as a Team Supervisor and Psychotherapist.  Eugenie’s unique style, diverse experiences through travel, teaching self- defense, and her own lived experience provide a foundation for her work.  She most enjoys working with women, emancipating youth, and those looking to build a fulfilling life that encourages our unique gifts.



Jamie Emery, MA, LPC, is a graduate of the MA Program in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, where he served on the faculty and as Department Chair.  He also served on the faculty of Naropa’s Gerontology and Long Term Care Graduate Program.  Jamie has practiced the Windhorse approach since 1988.  He works as a Team Supervisor, Psychotherapist, and Team Leader, and was a Co-director of WCS, Inc. from 1997-2019.  Jamie has a special interest in the use of rhythms of daily living as a means for establishing and maintaining healthy patterns in individuals and organizations.