The poem below was written by a Windhorse Team Leader in honor of the growth and change witnessed in relationship with a client over many seasons of working together on basic attendance shifts.

Garbage Sutra

My mind is calm and free from doubt.
Her cat has died, my friend is sad.
The garbage smells – I take it out.

Let’s make cookies and hangout.
Spring has come, my friend is glad –
Though her mind still has its doubts.

Conversations peter out.
Summer blazes, she gets mad:
The garbage stinks – let’s take it out!

Autumn bursts forth like a shout.
We both say nature’s pretty rad –
It frees our minds from fear and doubt.

“Hello my friend, shall I help out?”
“Sit down, sit down – I’ll be right back.”
The garbage smells – she takes it out.

Winter’s clear-eyed as a scout.
Snow melt trickles, my friend laughs:
“When mind is calm it’s free from doubt.
When garbage smells, you take it out.”


Jeremy Ellis is a Team Leader & Assistant Team Leader at Windhorse Community Services. He began his journey at WCS as a housemate in 2015. He enjoys a variety of contemplative and creative practices and is currently obsessed with his new instant pot.