COVID-19 Update

In light of the current circumstances with COVID-19, we want to assure you that we are continuing to take inquiry calls through admissions and offering all services to clients. We are currently available to meet for virtual or in-person meetings.  100% of our staff members are vaccinated.

If you have any questions or need clarification please contact us at (303) 786-9314, ext. 125.


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Whether or not you choose to work with us, we strive to be an immediate resource:

  • To help you understand Windhorse Community Services as an option.
  • To educate you about other possible resources that may suit your needs.

Admissions Phone

(303) 786-9314 Ext. 125

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    Admissions Department Philosophy

    We approach our admissions process as the beginning of a conversation that focuses on an ability to hear in a way that builds relationships and a sense of workability. Through this dialogue with one of our very senior clinicians, we together come to understand a person’s / family’s needs, previous therapeutic programs, available resources (including financial), and recovery goals and aspirations.

    With the information gathered over this and subsequent exchanges, a creative path to recovery can be envisioned and realized.


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    Admissions Phone

    (303) 786-9314 Ext. 125

    Admissions Email

    We’d love to help answer any questions you may have, or simply get connected. Please reach us by either phone, email, or by filling out the form below.

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    A Bit About Cost

    Considering the range of services we offer, costs are fluid. Based on our approach, we are able to create individualized team constellations that vary from comprehensive to more lightly structured. It is common at the start of a team for costs to be higher due to the need for greater contact during the transition to Windhorse. As a person gains autonomy and independence, team size may reduce, lowering costs. Team constellations can range in cost depending on each person’s individual needs.

    A mid-size team can run around $15,000 per month, whereas smaller team constellations can range between $10,000-$12,000 per month. These clinical costs do not include the psychiatrist, housing, medications, or living expenses. 

    Comprehensive teams ( $22,000 – $26,000 per month) can include a therapeutic housemate employed by Windhorse Community Services, with a number of basic attendance shifts per week based on need.

    In addition, services include intensive psychotherapy, weekly team meetings and case management. There is also the option for community programs and employment services.

    Windhorse Community Services operates on a private pay basis. Windhorse Community Services does not participate as a provider or contract with any private or public insurance plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, or any other third-party commercial insurance provider. We are not accepting Medicaid members at this time.