Clinical Services

Home Care Teams

We work with clients in their home environment and out in the world. We provide support with a team of clinicians. Team size is tailored to each individual depending on their needs and can adjust during times of crisis.  One goal of a home care team is to reduce in size as the client stabilizes and gains autonomy and independence.  The team members assist as a bridge to employment, higher education, and building friendships in the greater community.

Consultation Services

Sometimes families contact us because their adult child needs support, but they are resistant or unable to access services.  Some of our senior clinicians act as consultants and offer clinical support and guidance tailored to each unique situation.  This consultation arrangement can transition to a team of support when the client is eventually ready to begin services.

Psychotherapy-Only Services

When a client doesn’t need home-based treatment, our intensive psychotherapists can meet regularly for therapy only. This arrangement can also include a dedicated team supervisor working in partnership with the psychotherapist and providing family consultation and/or family therapy, if needed.

Community Programs

Our regularly scheduled activities are available to clients.  We provide a variety of recreational, social and creative options that change seasonally. Even if the individual does not have a Windhorse Team in place, it is possible they could access Community Programs only.  Please contact Admissions to see if this might be a good fit for your situation.


How we work with psychiatrists/prescribers

Over the years we have developed valuable relationships with many psychiatrists and prescribers in the Boulder area.  They are not Windhorse staff but maintain their own private practices and work with the support of the Windhorse team.  When the client attends a psychiatry appointment, their psychotherapist accompanies them to provide an additional perspective and listening ear for how the prescriptions and/or supplements are working, and to provide input regarding any changes that might be needed.

Medications: monitoring, and what if I don’t want to take meds?

Sometimes we see individuals who have had unwanted side effects from taking psychotropic medications in the past. We support the idea of finding the right medication at the right dose. The psychotherapist acts as a bridge in meetings with the prescriber. Regarding medication monitoring, the team leader and psychotherapist can help organize medications and establish a system for taking them. We do not dispense meds, but we offer medication support in a variety of ways. If the client does not want to take medications, that possibility can be explored with them and their team, family, and psychiatrist/prescriber.

Maybe community is around us and we just don’t recognize it – and then it gets dropped into our lap when it’s the right time. And it’s so beautiful that this community exists and is here for us. It has changed my life… I am forever grateful for that and this community and I just wanted to say thank you for having this community and for creating this space… to be able to learn and to grow like this.

– Windhorse Client

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