Community Programs and Employment Services

A Transitional Environment Toward Greater Community and Independence

Once someone is ready, we invite them to step into the broader social environment of our Community Programs. 

With an inviting array of offerings, this provides our clients with a variety of ways to engage a transitional environment between the close relationships of the team, to eventual life in the greater Boulder community and beyond.

Please contact our Admissions Department for any further questions.

JoAnn Dorio Burton:

Our Community Programs are led by JoAnn Dorio Burton. In 2018, JoAnn was awarded the 2018 “National Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner of the Year”, by the The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

Synthesizing 25 years of work in client empowered models, in 2013 JoAnn created our Community Programs department. She continues to publish and present her work at national conferences, and in particular has developed a cutting-edge recovery curriculum; Heroic Journeys, based on the work of Joseph Campbell. which is an ongoing offering to our clients.

“There were certain people on my team always who were purely peers… we would go to restaurants and go on hikes. That was one of the big, formative things with me for maturing… I think that is very important to note that it is not just about blatantly therapeutic stuff.. it’s also fun stuff because that is relational therapy.”

– Windhorse Client

Community Programs: 

A wide variety of support, activities and classes are offered including:

  • Flexible socialization with other clients and staff
  • Peer counselors
  • Education and classes
  • Hero’s Journey groups
  • Pre-vocational evaluation and training
  • Volunteer placement
  • Access to the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation services
  • Employment services
  • Person specific job placement in community partnerships

Employment Services

Work is one of most powerful elements in furthering a person’s recovery path. We provide a continuum of services that prepare, place, and support our clients in finding work that’s a good fit.

Prospective Clients

  One Size Does Not Fit All

We see our clients as unique individuals, fundamentally healthy and sane. We don’t reduce people to just being a bundle of problems that need to be fixed.


Experiencing a loved one’s struggle with mental health challenges is unspeakably difficult.

Our Admissions Team can help you find the right resources, whether you work with us or not.


Why Windhorse Community Services?

Our approach is individually tailored; excellent at forming and maintaining therapeutic alliances to create optimal conditions for a genuine path of recovery.

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