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Creating a Transitional Environment Toward Greater Community and Independence
All with distinctly different functions, Boulder has three Windhorse Centers:
Windhorse Community Services
  • Serving adults, 18 – 64, with complex mental health challenges.
Windhorse Elder Care
  • Serving older adults, 65 years and beyond, for issues of ordinary ageing as well as those with mental health challenges.
Windhorse Guild
  • Providing job placement for people with mental health challenges in its highly innovative affirmative business, Mindful Works.
  • Providing education through the Windhorse Legacy Project.

A group at the 2019 Windhorse Conference

Windhorse Gallery

“What for me seems a unique aspect of WH care is the patience and kindness and spaciousness with which the Windhorse clinicians approach the task of supporting an individual who is struggling. Certainly, that’s not a unique aspiration to mental health professionals but I think it is uniquely well done in my experience here.” 

Earle Shugerman, MD

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