Whether close or far away, families have intimate knowledge of the problems, strengths, and inherent goodness of everyone involved. Recognizing the power and intelligence of these relationships, we invite them to be part of the recovery path.

View our journal entry, which follows the family steps through the admissions process:

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Families need allies too

Relationships are a core medicine of the Windhorse Approach, and we invite families to be part of the therapeutic team, partnering with us whenever possible. This helps bring everyone along on the recovery path, which can also reduce a family’s stress from being so alone with their predicament.

Please contact our Admissions Team for more detailed information.

I am so grateful for our family working with Windhorse in a very difficult situation. Windhorse is very professional, heart-centered, competent, and flexible when the need arises. They have provided hope where there has been only illness and despair. I am sorry we were not able to work with Windhorse sooner.

– Adeline B.

History of Sanity

To safely and accurately begin a Windhorse team, understanding the confusion at hand is critical.

For this to really work, it’s vital to understand the client’s strengths and their history of sanity. A person’s experience of health and success contains many of the keys for how they may reconnect with functional and independent life. Also, having one’s health in the conversation naturally brings a sense of respect for who, on some level, they know themselves to be. This can create a feeling of a fresh start, and re-orientation to known experiences of confidence, and discipline.


Clinical Services

We understand how a person may begin and sustain a resilient recovery path, and we offer a comprehensive array of therapeutic options designed to meet our clients’ individual needs.

Employment Services

Work is one of most powerful elements in furthering a person’s recovery. We provide a continuum of services that prepare, place, and support our clients in finding work that’s a good fit.

Community Programs

Our innovative variety of social, educational, and whole-person health options, flexibly engage our clients’ interests, inviting them towards a balanced and meaningful life.

Family Support

Our Family Support Group is offered to all families, providing a time for people to meet one another, and to share support and collective wisdom.

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