Family Support

In addition to the ongoing family work in our teams, we also offer a monthly, virtual Family Support Group, facilitated by senior clinician Kathy Emery, MA, LPC, and a family member. This has been a very popular group over the years, which family members have found to provide excellent complementary support for their experience with the team.

Please contact our Admissions Department for any further questions.

Prospective Clients

  One Size Does Not Fit All

We see our clients as unique individuals, fundamentally healthy and sane. We don’t reduce people to just being a bundle of problems that need to be fixed.


Experiencing a loved one’s struggle with mental health challenges is unspeakably difficult.

Our Admissions Team can help you find the right resources, whether you work with us or not.


Why Windhorse Community Services?

Our approach is individually tailored; excellent at forming and maintaining therapeutic alliances to create optimal conditions for a genuine path of recovery.

One of my concerns when I came to WCS was whether my parents and I would ever get to a point where we would have adult relations instead of the always child/adult relations. My team was able to help me accomplish this by suggesting a weekly family call between my team supervisor, therapist, parents and I… Today I have my team to thank for the better adult conversations with my parents.

– emily a., wcs client

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