Family Support

Team Supervisor

Each team has a Team Supervisor who works closely with the team and family members to discuss the progression of treatment and to bridge communication with the family, team and client.  They support the family’s therapeutic needs and help to facilitate any family work that might be needed.

Monthly Support Group                                           

In addition to the ongoing family work within our teams, we also offer a monthly, virtual Family Support Group, facilitated by senior clinician Kathy Emery, MA, LPC, and a family member. This has been a popular group over the years. Family members have found it helpful and enriching to share their experiences with others who also have loved ones in treatment at Windhorse.

Planning for the Future

Windhorse offers both short and long-term care options.  For clients who face long-term mental health challenges, we assist parents and family with planning for their loved one’s long-term care needs. This can be comforting for aging family members later in life when their own health may be declining.

We are happy to meet with you in admissions to discuss your situation and help develop a plan for long-term care.

One of my concerns when I came to WCS was whether my parents and I would ever get to a point where we would have adult relations instead of the always child/adult relations. My team was able to help me accomplish this by suggesting a weekly family call between my team supervisor, therapist, parents and I… Today I have my team to thank for the better adult conversations with my parents.

– emily a., wcs client

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