Windhorse is our innate ability to uplift ourselves and our environment by giving rise to a positive energy that is both relaxed and disciplined. Since 1981 Windhorse Community Services has integrated this understanding with modern, conventional therapies, meditation and contemplative traditions in the development of at-home, whole-person mental health recovery.
Windhorse Journal is dedicated to the mission of communicating decades of clinical and personal experience to professionals, educators, students and anyone seeking recovery options. Please, join the dialogue. Windhorse Journal is a digital publication and blog intended to inform a meaningful dialogue through newly produced communications and curated selections from the Windhorse archive…

For this entry we’ll drop in on a conversation between members of the Windhorse Journal team who gathered to discuss some of the history and intention behind Windhorse Journal and to touch on a couple of the foundational components of the Windhorse approach to care and recovery.
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