The Legacy Group: Jeff Fortuna, Matt Allen, Polly Banerjee Gallagher, Blake Baily

This is part one of a series.

The following podcast is distilled from an interview with Jeff Fortuna and the members of the Windhorse Legacy Project research group.  The Legacy Project is sponsored by the Windhorse Guild, a nonprofit organization in Boulder, CO.  The Project is dedicated to protecting and preserving our heritage of 40 years of Windhorse teaching, writing, and clinical experience; and to sharing this accumulating wisdom with the international Windhorse community and all interested persons.

The Project’s research group consists of Jeffrey Fortuna as director, and three senior Windhorse colleagues: Matt Allen, Polly Banerjee Gallagher, and Blake Baily.  For the last 5 years, we have studied the Windhorse legacy, its cross-generational continuity, and how to train teachers in our healing approach.  Group dialogue practice is one of our central research methods… In this particular dialogue, we explore the history, significance, and continued relevance of Edward Podvoll’s seminal work Recovering Sanity: A Compassionate Approach to Understanding and Treating Psychosis. Themes such as the nature of sanity, recovery as non-linear, environmental treatment, and the therapeutic relationship are discussed in this podcast.  Thank you for joining the inquiry.