Jeremy Ellis, Kathy Emery, Anne Marie DiGiacomo, and Daniel Green

Dear Friends,

We conclude a short series on the contemplative practice of Maitri Space Awareness with a podcast. This is the second half of a conversation among clinicians Kathy Emery, Anne Marie DiGiacomo, Daniel Green, and Jeremy Ellis.

In it, they discuss how maitri—as “unlimited friendliness”—has shown up in their personal contemplative practice and each one’s work. They also address its impact on the community at large, as acceptance of the variety of mind states within oneself allows space for others. Jeremy, Daniel, Anne Marie, and Kathy illustrate—through personal anecdotes and musings—how paying more attention leads to a bigger view of every situation, and a commitment to stay with it despite any discomfort… This collective sense of the workability of all that arises is an expression of the heart of Windhorse.

Thank you for listening,

Lori S. Heintzelman

Jeff Fortuna practicing Maitri Space Awareness