Windhorse Journal

Since 1985, Windhorse clinicians have been consistently committed to participating in the international dialogue on mental health. The Windhorse Journal’s podcasts and blogs are our newest entries in the dialogue. 

Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, or through access here on our website, we post podcasts and blogs at least once per month. 

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The WCS Journal Mission

Beginning in March 2018, the Journal has published on a wide variety of topics related to whole-person health. These feature the voices of clinical professionals, our clients, interfaith and spiritual teachers, and well-known authors—all addressing issues critical to sustainable happiness and mental health recovery.

The Windhorse Journal’s mission is to inspire compassionate approaches to recovering sanity.

We do this by creating an evolving forum dedicated to exploring contemplative psychotherapy and the creation of therapeutic environments for the wellbeing of all persons involved. We envision this to be a rich dialogue among people with lived experience, family members, psychology professionals, and anyone interested in whole person-mental health and the diverse expressions of human sanity.