Prospective Clients

Suffering and mental health challenges are natural human experiences.

But they can leave a person feeling hopelessly lost. As painful this is, feeling bad doesn’t mean you are bad. We suffer because we’re human, not because we’re bad.

At Windhorse, we help people to accept, forgive, and make friends with themselves at their own pace and in their own way.


Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche at his community talk at WCS, shaking hands with Eirikur Baldursson WCS Basic Attender

In the words of one of our long-time clients,

There is something magical, something hard to name, that happened in my Windhorse team. It had to do with connections created through gentle attentiveness and genuine care in the midst of, what for me was, a time of disconnection and extreme despair.

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Recovery is Possible

At Windhorse, we begin by creating a therapeutic team, which helps you to live in your own home. You will form relationships with a team of caring people where you can connect with a sense of meaning and belonging. Ultimately, recovery is about living a life that expresses your completely unique nature and goodness as a person.


Clinical Services

We understand how a person may begin and sustain a resilient recovery path, and we offer a comprehensive array of therapeutic options designed to meet our clients individual needs.

Employment Services

Work is one of the most powerful elements in furthering a person’s recovery. We provide a continuum of services that prepare, place, and support our clients in finding work that’s a good fit.

Community Programs

With our innovative variety of social, educational, and whole person health options, we flexibly engage our clients interests, inviting them towards a balanced and meaningful life.

Family Support

Our Family Support Group is offered to all families, providing a time for people to meet one another, and to share support and collective wisdom.