Windhorse Staff

Trained Professionals – Commitment and Compassion

The Windhorse staff of team supervisors, psychotherapists, team leaders, assistant team leaders, team counselors, and housemates are contemplatively oriented in their clinical training and perspective.

They are skilled in providing a ground of mindfulness and awareness in supporting clients in developing healthy habits and patterns of daily living; eating well, sleeping well, exercising, and engaging in meaningful activity.

As a statement of the health of our community and of how working in this approach can be a powerful path of personal development, a number of our senior staff people have been at Windhorse Community Services for upwards of 10 years, many over 20 years. With some of our founders still present, a number of our staff have been with us between 30 and 40 years.

Most senior team members hold Master’s Degrees in Psychology and Social Work. Many of the clinicians do have their Master’s Degrees from the Naropa University Contemplative Psychotherapy Department. All of our clinicians participate in on-going Windhorse training and supervision. Housemates are most often graduate students who are chosen for their maturity, personal warmth, and wholesome lifestyle.

Team members are chosen to work with specific clients based on compatibility of style and relevant training and experience. The training and experience of the staff is comprehensive and involves both ongoing self-reflection in relation to mutual recovery. All staff members have the belief that clients hold intrinsic health and wellbeing and are capable of achieving significant and meaningful recovery from schizophrenia, bipolar, autism, and other disorders. In addition, all of our staff shares a commitment to seeing their clinical work as a path of lifelong learning.

The majority of our senior clinicians are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) as well as Licensed Clinical Social Workers in the state of Colorado. This ensures that the highest standards of Windhorse care are applied to every treatment team.

Leadership Team