Heather Anthony, MA

Team Leader

I began volunteering at Windhorse Community Services (WCS) in 2005, while still in school at Naropa University. I discovered that the relational medicine and the team approach create authentic healing relationships. When I graduated and received my Master of the Arts (MA) degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy, Windhorse Community Services hired me as a Basic Attender (now titled Team Counselor). Shortly after that I also took on the role of Team Leader.  At WCS, I have served in our Activities Program, educational offerings and job coaching. I also served in our community mental health Crisis center for one and a half years.
Psychotherapy is actually my third vocation, but all three inform each other. From an early age, I was curious about human and animal behavior. I studied and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in medical sciences from The Pennsylvania State University in 1988. I worked as a research assistant in several physiology and endocrinology labs. After several years working in the labs, I found myself wanting more human contact and more hands-on work. So, I pursued Massage Therapy and had a successful practice for 9 years. During my massage therapist stage, my interest in becoming a psychotherapist took hold.  
Another interest I have is Nature Therapy and how it can benefit people. I am enjoying and benefitting from the various trainings and looking forward to sharing what I learn.
Pronouns: She, Her