Jamie Emery, MA, LPC

Team Supervisor / Psychotherapist

I have been a member of the Windhorse Therapeutic Community (WCS) for 33 years. I have been an owner of WCS  Inc. since it’s incorporation in 1997 and an active clinician in the Windhorse therapeutic community since 1990.

I was an original member of Windhorse Family and Elder Care (now Windhorse Elder Care). As well, I was the Internship Coordinator and a faculty member for Naropa’s Gerontology and Long Term Management Program for a number of years.

I have also been the Chair of Naropa University’s Contemplative Psychotherapy Master’s Program (MACP) and helped create and serve on the Windhorse style Team Leadership structure we created for the MACP program.

I have also had the privilege of being part of the original group that created the non for profit, The Windhorse Guild, where I served on the Board of Directors for many years.