Kathy Emery, MA, LPC

Team Supervisor

My name is Kathy Emery, and I have been working with Windhorse Community Services since its beginning in 1996 and have been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 4/1/1999. I attended the East/West Psychology graduate program at the Naropa Institute (now University) and graduated in 1980.  I also was a Counselor with the first group practicing the Windhorse approach with people who were experiencing extreme mind states. This group was called Maitri Psychological Services which began in 1981 and ended in 1987. The intention with this approach was to be able to join our experiences of Contemplative view and practice with interpersonal disciplines as well as seating such a service and treatment in a social context in the community. Currently, I also am working with Windhorse Elder Care which also provides services incorporating this view and practices, to the aged and dying and have been involved with them since 2000.  I have a lifelong commitment to practicing this approach, which is also reflected in my teachings and writings.

Pronouns: She, Her