Scott Epstein

I began working in service for others as soon as I could work. In my youth I worked as a lifeguard, then straight out of high school I joined the US Navy and trained as a Fleet Marine Corpsman. With training in emergency, clinical and nursing medicine, I served for 4 years in clinics, hospitals, and in the field.  After the Navy, I worked in medical laboratories, and medical clinics; additionally, working in home health care in support of clients with chronic and terminal illnesses, and dementia.  I received an undergraduate degree in contemplative psychology from Naropa in 2006. Shortly after graduation I began a 14yr career as a professional mariner, making my way from entry level positions to Captain of small ships.  A career as a mariner offered me the opportunity to apply many life and professional skills.  Wearing many hats including that of medical officer, my life on the water continued to include being of service to others health and safety.  With passenger and shipping vessels taken offline during Covid, I had a unique opportunity to take a valuable and necessary look at my life and goals for the future.  Now, I am back at Naropa and working toward a MA degree in Mindfulness Based Transpersonal Counseling.  I have been with the Windhorse Community Services family since August 2022 for an experiential requirement of my graduate studies and continue working with the same client as a volunteer.  Now I am delighted to say that Windhorse Community Services has formally included me as a paid team member, and I couldn’t be happier.