Dear Listeners,

A meaningful and happy life. This is what we hope and strive for—for ourselves, for our children, and for everyone. As a parent of an adult child who struggles with mental health issues, I can see—from my observation and conversations with my son and others with mental health challenges—that they have been marginalized and, as a result, think they are “less”. Less than others, less than they should be, and less in their own eyes. For this reason, I have been relentless in my advocacy for my son and others with similar struggles. In this podcast, you will hear of a workshop in Boulder, CO, that employs folks who have work barriers due to mental health challenges. I am a volunteer at this shop: Mindful Works.

Everyone wants to be needed and appreciated. If you have mental illness, you may grow to believe that this is not true for you. The apprentices at Mindful Works come from all different backgrounds. All have great attributes and are very smart. Some have advanced degrees, some are just beginning their adult life, and some come in their later years, after not being able to hold a job in the community. Mindful Works offers the opportunity to learn basic job skills and the stamina necessary to hold a job. All of the apprentices know that we rely on them, and they look forward to being at the shop. They know that their work is necessary and that their work is appreciated. You will hear from two apprentices who have graduated from the program and are now either working in the community or headed to college.

Having a meaningful place to go each day and taking pride in their work is important for everyone, especially those with mental health challenges. – check it out!

Diane Gollnick


Learn more about Mindful works, support and shop the collection here!

Mindful works is supported by The Windhorse Guild